Solar At Scale - Solar Setter Mastery
3. Triage Call

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Belief 1. The Offer is a “No Brainer”

Believing that the offer is a No Brainer and truly seeing the benefit that is in it for the customer is the KEY 🔑 to success.
If you don’t truly believe that what we’re doing helps the customer, you will feel like you’re doing them a disservice every time you get on the phone with them.
Understanding both sides of the coin (having solar vs not having solar) will help you see the true benefits of Solar & our offer in particular as well.

Belief 2. “I’m not selling anything”

As an appointment setter, we are just trying to see if the customer could benefit from having solar installed.
We are trying to gauge their interest and also peak their curiosity about the No-Net-Cost solar program.
If they can benefit from getting solar and they qualify for the No-Net-Cost solar program, we book a consultation for them to go over the details with a specialist.
At this stage, we are “selling” the appointment as the solution. We want the prospect to want to find out more about how solar would work in their situation specifically. The way to do that is to book an appointment with our specialist and go through the details.

Curious about whether the offer is suitable for this particular PROSPECT

Be curious about whether or not the customer would benefit & whether we can actually help them.
You want to BE CURIOUS so your intention gets communicated in your tonality and your energy on the call. If you are curious about them and you can make that clear from your energy and your tone, the prospect will open up to you.
Especially important for your tone of voice on the calls. When we are speaking to people over the phone, tonality is one of the most important factors in communicating your intentions.

Action Items

Read through the offer in the Solar Product Knowledge module and understand both sides. (Having solar vs not having solar). Connect the offer back to how solar works.
Understand the whole sales process and what your role is at this point in the process.
Read the Triage script and play around with your tonality and think about how it affects the way the questions in the script come across to the prospect.

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