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Triage Script

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Aged Lead Triage

Situation Questions

Finding out their present situation

How much do you usually spend on electricity? Monthly or Quarterly? (Minimum $100 per month or $300 per quarter)
Is it just you there, or is there a family you’re taking care of as well?

Okay, and do you guys usually work from home? Or do you work outside of the house?
It is essential to ask a question like this as it gives us information on how they use their power and their working situation to ensure they qualify for the payment plan.
Optional probing questions:
Is the heating electric or gas?
The cooling?
The stove/cooktop?
Do you have a pool or spa?
Anything else electric that could drive up the cost?

Problem Awareness Questions

It helps your prospect realise their problems, how bad they are and how it’s affecting them.

I don’t mean for this question to come across the wrong way, it’s just... I just ask a lot of people and I get all sorts of different answers...
Do you… like the way your bills are going?
Are you 100% satisfied with the way your bills are going?

If they say no:
What makes you say that? OR Why not?


If they say yes:
What do you like about it?
Use sparingly: Anything else you like about it?


Two Truths

No one likes 100% of what they have. Use this if they say yes to the problem awareness question.

Use these questions if they say they like their current situation.

It sounds like things are going fairly well for you… Is there anything you would… change about it, if you could? Such as the fact that they’re always rising or that you’re renting your power instead of owning it?

Probing Questions:

Why would you change that, though?
Why is that so important for you now?
Has that had an impact on you? In what way?
Time for a change... possibly?

Clarifying Questions

When you say XYZ, what do you mean by that?
When you say XYZ, how do you mean? OR SIMPLY How do you mean?
Mirroring: Repeat back 1 - 3 words they said that you want them to clarify further


That makes sense / Sounds like that’s important to you.
It sounds like there may be an opportunity for us to help you, but I’m not quite sure yet. What we usually do is go through some technical questions to see if we can even help, and if so, we then book an appointment for you to speak with one of our specialists so they can go through how we can help.
Do you mind if I quickly go through those now?

Technical Questions

Can I get you to confirm your address for me?
Is it a Tile or Tin roof?
Terracotta or concrete tile?
Single or Double Storey?
Is there any shading on the roof? Like any trees or anything blocking the sun?

If they do have shading issues, you can proceed with a Tentative appointment. Book the time and let the customer know if the shading on the roof is too much, we will cancel the appointment and call/email them so as to not waste their time.

And how long have you been at the property? Okay, cool, and there’s no “For sale” sign out the front, is there? You guys aren’t selling or anything?

And do you know much about the government rebates that are going on at the moment?

Federal Rebate

That’s OK. There are two rebates at the moment that you can get for your solar. The first one is the federal government rebate, which everyone can get as long as they install a new solar system.
Optional (if customer asks how it works)
The way that one works is, based on your postcode, how big of a system you get installed and when you actually get it, it will determine how big of a rebate you can get. Our specialist would be able to tell you the exact amount once I get all the details and we book you in for the next call. Does that make sense?

Solar Victoria Rebate

And the second one is the state government rebate. The way this one works is, if you do qualify, then you can get an additional $1,400 from the Victorian Government. To qualify for this one, you need to:
Be the owner-occupier of the property. That means it needs to be under your name, not under a business or a trust or anything like that. Do you happen to know if it’s just you on the title or your partner as well?
The owner's combined income is under $210k before tax for the last financial year. That means if it’s both your and your partner’s name on the title, then your income put together needs to be under $210k before tax. Is that the case?
The property value is under $3m. Is your property valued under $3m?
Optional (if prospect says that they had solar in a previous property)
I remember you mentioned you had solar on a previous property, do you remember when it was installed?

Book Appointment

Great! So, based on what we’ve gone through here so far, it does sound like what we do here could work for you. Usually, what I do from here is get you to send over a recent bill and a photo of your switchboard just to make sure it’s all going to be compatible with the solar system, and then I’ll schedule a call with one of our specialists to go over the details with you and make sure you qualify.
When would you be a good time for you and your spouse to speak with the specialist and go over all the details?


And just to confirm, you and your partner will both be available?


Great, thank you for confirming. And would you be able to send the photo of SWB & Bill before that appointment?
Okay cool, so I’ve booked the appointment in for DATE & TIME with one of our specialists.
And just before I confirm this on the specialist's calendar, seeing as they’re swamped…. Can you see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to make it to that appointment time?


Lastly, just so I understand... if everything makes sense to you and at the end of it all, and you decide to move forward and get solar installed on this program….. Will anything prevent you from installing it within the next 2-3 weeks?

Awesome! We’ll give you a call before the appointment just to make sure nothing came up for you.
That's everything we needed to go through for now, do you have any questions for me at the moment?

Great! Thank you for your time! We shall see you (and ……….) at **CONFIRM APPOINTMENT TIME & DATE**

Partner rebuttal - if they keep saying, “I’m the decision maker” or “My partner doesn’t need to be there.”

That’s fair enough. I respect the fact that you might be the sole decision-maker here. The thing is, we’ve had these conversations a few thousand times by now, and we always find that one of two things happen if we proceed with just one of you.
One, we get to the end of the next call, which usually goes for 30 - 45 minutes, and it’s so much information that you end up wanting to book another call with your partner so they can help you make the right decision. Then we have to repeat the process again and have another 45-minute call, which just doubles the time that the process takes.
The second is, we do get to the end of the next call, and you move forward with it, and then your partner comes home, doesn’t like the fact that you’ve done it without him/her, and they call us up the next day to cancel it, which just wastes everyone’s time. Do you see what I’m saying here?
So, how do you think we should proceed from here so that we can make the best use of everyone’s time?
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