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Federal Govt Rebates (STCs)

The key difference between the STCs and the Solar Victoria Rebates is that everyone gets STCs as long as they’re getting new panels and inverter installed.

For Solar Victoria, the customer needs to meet the State Government’s criteria to qualify for the rebate.

STCs - Small-scale Technology Certificates

This is the “rebate” that is provided by the Federal Australian Government. The reason I put “rebate” in quotation marks is due to the following definition:

Rebate1 /ˈriːbeɪt/
a partial refund to someone who has paid too much for tax, rent, or a utility.

Therefore, technically, this isn’t so much a rebate as it is a financial incentive. This is due to the STCs being provided as a point-of-sale discount.

STCs are based on four factors:

System size (kWs)
The Solar System size corresponds to Solar Generation, not Storage. This means that batteries do not generate any STCs.
STC Zoning (1-4) - each zone has a code that will need to be multiplied. Below is a rough map of the STC Zone ​
STC Zone Map.jpeg
Zone Ratings (used in the formula below)
Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 8.03.08 am.png
Deeming Period - how many years left until 2030 when the scheme is planned to end.
For example, we are in 2023 where the deeming period is 8 years. ​
STC Price - STCs are traded on an open marketplace and their price is not fixed and fluctuates like a stock on the stock market.
Most solar retailers choose to use a fixed price on the Solar quote provided to the customer for ease of calculations as there is no way to guarantee a fixed price for the STCs.

STC Calculation Formula

For this formula, the number of STCs generated is rounded down if you get a number with decimals.

Number of STCs = Solar System Size (kW) x Postcode Zone Rating x Deeming Period (years)


STCs = 6.6kW x 1.185 (Zone 4) x 8 years (Deeming period 2023)
STCs = 62.568
Therefore, the STC number would be 62 since we the result is always rounded down.
At the moment, we estimate the STC price as $36.5 for each certificate. That means in the situation above:
62 x $36.5 =$2,263
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