Solar At Scale - Solar Setter Mastery
1. Solar Product Knowledge

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This lesson goes over the Distributor Network Service Providers and what limits they each have around solar installations.

Distributor Network Service Providers (DNSPs)

An electricity distributor, also known as a Distributed Network Service Provider (DNSP), is the entity that owns and maintains an electricity network.
There are different distributors in each Australian state and territory, and in some cases different distributors provide services in different parts of a state.

Why are the DNSPs important?

As appointment setters we don’t need to know the prospects DNSP when booking in a consultation, this becomes relevant when we are making a sale and installing the system.
Some of the distributors require that we submit a pre-approval for the property we will be installing solar on, where they will assess the amount of power that property will be allowed to export back to the grid.
Also once the solar system is installed, we will need to lodge some paperwork with the network provider to connect the customer’s solar system to the grid so they can start exporting their power.
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