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Emails & SMS Messaging

Email and SMS Features in Close CRM



Close CRM provides a comprehensive set of tools for effectively reaching out to leads and maintaining relationships with customers through Email and SMS channels.
Whether it's one-off messages or automated sequences, Close CRM ensures your team can communicate seamlessly, all while tracking performance and engagement metrics in real-time.

Emailing Features

Direct Email Integration - Sync your existing email account with Close CRM for centralised email management.
Bulk Emailing - Send a mass email to multiple recipients without losing the personal touch, thanks to customisable fields.
Email Tracking - Know when your emails have been opened, clicked on, or replied to, enabling better follow-up strategies.
Attachment Support - Easily attach files directly from your computer or cloud storage.

SMS Messaging Features

Two-Way Messaging - Not only send but also receive text messages directly in the CRM interface.
Bulk SMS - Reach out to multiple leads at once through mass texting that is both efficient and compliant with regulations.
Real-time Notifications - Get instant updates when someone replies to your SMS, ensuring timely responses.
SMS Tracking - Record delivery status and responses to analyse the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns.


Multi-Channel Sequences - Create automated workflows that include a mix of emails, calls, and SMS messages, ensuring a diversified approach to lead nurturing.
Sequence Analytics - Monitor the performance of your sequences with real-time data, like open rates and conversion rates.
Targeting and Scheduling - Customise when and to whom your sequences are sent, optimising for best engagement times.


Customisable Templates - Personalise templates to fit your brand and messaging needs, including the insertion of dynamic variables like lead name or company.
Template Sharing - Easily share successful templates with team members to maintain consistency and best practices across the board.

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